Beyonce Gets 24 Hours Too

Beyonce and Oprah and Emma Watson and the mayor of a small town in Maryland get 24 hours.

So you’re telling me that the Queen of England gets the exact same amount of time as the rest of us?!?!?!

It sucks. I know.

Last semester was a big ol’ ball of hot messiness for me. I felt unproductive and sad all the time (possibly more on that at a later time). I came out of first semester hating school and not liking what my daily life consisted of. I never went to organic chemistry lecture, I went to bed really late, woke up at like 10 every morning, only went to class and church stuff, and took way too many naps. I was not happy. This is not what I wanted my life to look like day in and day out. I am 19 years old for crying out loud! I have a world of opportunities at my fingertips (wow way to be really cheesy Syd you should be on QVC) and all I did was hate class and hate myself. That’s not what life is supposed to be for anyone, especially for young and wild and free college kids. Cool.

I want to be a kind, brilliant, world-changing, running, beautiful, God-fearing, makeup-loving, fashionable, gracious, hard-working, confident, healthy, self-loving, scientist extraordinaire. It’s like I woke up from one of those naps where it’s only been 30 minutes but you feel like you’ve been asleep for 3 days and I realized that I have the ability and drive to be exactly who I want to be. I may not be able to take as many naps, but that’s nothing 10 cups of coffee a day can’t fix (shoutout to Starbucks in Memorial you my main homie). If Emma Watson can be a college-educated, feminism-spreading, incredible woman then by golly so can I. She doesn’t have my parents and grandparents, so I’ve already got an advantage.

This semester so far has been all about taking care of myself. I’ve been learning what it takes to keep my mental and physical health in check. I’ve been prioritizing the things that make me feel like I’m doing something worth talking about (wow big shock it’s not always sitting in class) and I’m taking the time to take care of me. It’s incredible how much better I feel when my schedule is crazy full of things that are turning me into the woman I want to be. I go to bed at night satisfied; I can’t remember the last time I felt that way.

Here’s something I wrote in my journal last night:

“Side note to myself: Taking care of yourself is so important. Wash your face in the morning. Do yoga and Pilates. Sit in the sauna a couple times a week. Paint your nails. Smother your body in lotion after a shower. Run by yourself and with other people. Read more books and watch less Netflix. Wear things that make you feel good. Journal regularly. Pray. Let your hair air dry. Drink water. Cook for yourself. Take naps in public and sit in the massage chair. Don’t be afraid if the most productive thing you do on Saturday is your laundry. Don’t wear a bra if you’re studying at home. Always have a cute and comfy pair of sweatpants. Hang out with people you actually enjoy. Call your parents and grandparents. Stay up late to get the grade then reward yourself with a Frosty, French fries, and plenty of sleep. Ice your legs after every run. Do your arms and abs workouts. Occasionally curl your hair or wear a bold lip when you want to feel pretty. Tell yourself you’re enough. Go to bed before 12 a.m. Thank God for your blessings and His love. Take your vitamins.”

If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t be the best version of me. I’ve decided that I was put on this planet to fulfill a plan that is greater than sitting through class and getting good grades, and I want to grow to be the woman that I feel I am meant to be.



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